Our Story

In 1977, Sorema s.n.c. (electromechanical and related representative company) was established.
For years, he worked as a representative with Marelli Motori e Ventilatori S.p.a. and Garbarino Pompe S.p.a. in the marine, industrial and civil markets.

In 1998, the two partners, Giorgio Scali and Paolo Merani established Nuova Sorema s.r.l., which integrated the business activities with the new electromechanical workshop to carry out the services of repairing pumps, fans, rewinding electric motors and industrial supplies.

Scali follows the industrial, civil, artisan, and recreational marine markets while Merani mainly follows the naval market. Both consolidate personal and business relationships with the main manufacturers in the Italian market of: pumps, electric motors, valves, fans and exchangers.

Among the many clients we have served over the years, the main ones are:

In the shipping market: Forship Spa, GNV Spa, Moby Spa, Tirrenia Spa, Grimaldi Spa, Elbana di Navigazione Spa, P.B Tankers Spa, Palumbo Spa, Intermarine Spa, Cantiere San Marco, Cantieri Apuania, Cantiere Orlando.

In the industrial market: Termomeccanica Pompe Spa, Termomeccanica Ecologia Spa, Enel Spa, Gruppo Acam Acque Spa, Acam Ambiente Spa, Cartiera San Lorenzo Spa, Consorzio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR), Kedrion Spa, Nuova Oma Spa, Jobson Italia Spa, Gruppo Antonini Spa, Snam Rete Gas Spa, Demont Spa, Paresa Spa.

Abroad: Municipalities Of Tripoli and Garyan (Libya), Al Masaood (Abu Dhabi), Al Subul (Iraq), Piramid and Hydrotec (Egypt), SK Trading (Malta), Dole (Costa Rica), Aster Resovia (Poland).

Part of the communication expressed over time by Sorema and New Sorema.