Since 1977 Nuova Sorema is active in the field of industrial and naval supplies, in the specific area of pumps, motors, valves, filters and fans.


Main customers of Nuova Sorema are small and medium sized shipbuildings interested in having a trusted partner that can provide them advice on product selection, supply, support and after sales service.


In industry Nuova Sorema has truly qualified references: the experience and professionalism of our staff allow us to offer quality services and a selection of products designed according to the customer needs.


Nuova Sorema has long experience in the supply of products related to shipbuilding and shipping companies. Our goal is to ensure a service of technical assistance and spare parts in a short time and in some cases, directly on board ships.

Some of our works

Naval and industrial supplies


Decades of experience in the field of industrial supplies, marine and yachting.

Advice and supplies

Nuova Sorema, thanks to an activity of highly specialized consultancy, has as objective to guide their clients in choosing the most suitable products for their needs. A deep knowledge of national and international market allows to provide the best product at the best price in extremely fast times.

We also provide

Fuel feed pums for main engines and diesel generators, screw pumps for main engines lubrication, pumps two “load screws”, Axial Replacement fans and fans pitched blade for ventilation or local service garages and local mining machine, centrifugal blowers for aeration sewage tanks, hydraulic motors for watertight doors service, electrical heaters for hot water boiler, automatic valves and instrumentation, measurement and control valves “Amot” flow meters for oil and diesel fuel, pressure gauges and thermometers, level indicators.

After-sales service and spare parts

Our commitment does not end with product delivery. Nuova Sorema always stands out for the professionalism of after-sales services. The 500 square meters space used as a workshop and warehouse allows us to perform repairs and maintenance in place. A wide range of spare parts is available for immediate delivery.

Mechanical seals

Nuova Sorema, in collaboration with a leading company in the industry, is able to provide and realize by mechanical seal sample of any make and model and perform the reconditioning of worn seals. Each work is delivered with test certificate.

Realizations from a sample

Nuova Sorema is able to realize by design or sample particular in PVC and Moplen.
Water boxes, gas tanks, pipes etc…